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Summer Sanity

May 4, 2009

Got kids?? Me too! Last week it suddenly dawned on me; Summer is just around the corner. That means me, the Mom, suddenly becomes Julie from the Love Boat, event planner and social secretary for the kids. After a  not so brief scream, I downed a diet coke, reached for my trusty yellow legal pad and began to prepare an arsenal of fast yet frugal fun activities to keep my children far away from boredom.

Here are a few tips, please share your success stories is summer planning too and perhaps Mothers across the globe will survive summer with their sanity and maybe even a smile.

1. 1,2,3, Draw! Try some water gun fun. Stretch out a big roll of butcher paper, place some blobs of water soluble.paint on the paper and spray with water guns. Watch the colors run, fade, and shade into great shapes and sizes. Hose down the kids, let the work of art dry and hang it in the hallway of your home.

2. Fancy Glasses. Purchase some plastic sunglasses and push out the lenses. You will need feathers, beads, buttons, bows, and glue. Decorate the glasses in fun and imaginative ways. Take photos and post on your FB.

3. Smoothie Woothies. Place 1 cup vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup orange juice, and 1/2 cup strawberries into a blender and puree until smooth.

4. Wild and Wacky tee-shirts. Take a simple white shirt and rubber band off the different sections, then dip in colorful dye. Dry. Undo the rubber bands, thoroughly dry and use this as a swimsuit cover up.

5. Water Hose Dodge. Put on those swimsuits, fire up that hose, and dodge the water sprayer. Limit the time on this one so as not to waste water. try planning this activity in an area that needs the water too.

6. Hide from the heat. Pull out the board games when the heat is really on. Take a quiet break under  a ceiling fan and play.

7.Entrepreneurial kids. The older kids might want to try and invent or establish their own business. Take a trip to the library, OR, surf the web to find areas of interest, make a plan, and work that plan.

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