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8 “little luxuries” to Celebrate You

May 5, 2009

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

We, as women, play multiple roles in life. Is it possible to perform them all well? In the buffet of life can we just simply have too much on our plates? Some people’s existence reminds me of that old paper plate commercial. A flimsy plate piled full of entrees. In an attempt to find balance or satisfy, more and more is piled on the plate. But before reaching the table, the plate collapses under the pressure of to much. Sound familiar? 

In order for our families to be successful we, as wives and mothers, must be successful in knowing what to pile on and when to say, no thank you. This ultimately boils down to priorities. Setting priorities is a critical way to combat stress. With Mother’s Day on the horizon my goal is to take some time to evaluate what on my plate needs to go and what must stay.  Taking on that re-evaluation task means stepping out of the buffet line and surveying the musts and the must nots so my family does not get my emotional leftovers.

This starts by celebrating ME, not to become a self centered good-for-nothing, but for long enough to hear God’s voice as He orchestrates my serving sizes. Here are eight ideas for taking a moment for YOU:

8 “little luxuries” to Celebrate YOU

1. Schedule an afternoon at a bookstore, one with a coffee shop inside. Sip and read while you relax.

2. Attend a weekend retreat. Many churches offer retreats for women only. Also, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers, website: and Hearts-at-Home website: offer national and regional conferences.

3. Join a Bible study that digs dip into the biblical aspects of the issues you face.

4. Begin a bi-monthly book club in your home. Read books that help you grow as a person and as a mom. The friendships you develop with other members are an added bonus.

5. Schedule a massage following a particularly hectic week. It can be your light at the end of the tunnel.

6. Teatime is relaxing. Can you gulp hot tea? NO! isn’t that great? Sit down, relax, reflect, restore. 

7. Take a daily vacation. Everyone needs down time, time to do nothing, even if it is only 15 to 20 minutes. We all need time when we are not racing, running and ranting. This is when the body slows down and the mind is free to relax and be creative. Remember, you cannot multitask relaxation.

8. Find peace. It starts with establishing priorities, releasing too many activities, conquering clutter, and being grateful. Thoreau said, “I love a broad margin to my life.” In other words, the less packed into a day the better. For the sake of sanity, switching gears is the best option. Postpone the errands, cancel a play-date, order a take-out dinner, skip an evening to-do. These are small luxuries that make a big difference.

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