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Penny Princess creates Awesome Entrances

May 12, 2009

Every time the seasons change I get a bug. The decorating bug. The symptoms include; an overwhelming urge to rearrange furniture, paint a wall, buy a plant. Sometimes if it is really bad, I want to clean out stuff and organize. Can  you relate? Suffice it to say, this season, it has been really bad. The garage, a large upstairs closet and the back porch have already been tackled and now boast a shine worthy of a fresh season. 

This season has been a bit different, a penny princess approach, the self prescribed medicine included re-decorating with items we already had, or items purchased at la-ti-da estate sales. Today, I want to share ideas, should  you be suffering from the same decor do-over disease.

1. Place pots on either side of your front door and fill them with an assortment of flowers; green and white caladiums, red geraniums and asparagus ferns make a great trio.

2. Purchase a sturdy grapevine wreath for the front door. Recycle the wreath with just a change of silk flowers. Try matching the flowers on the wreath with the flowers in the pots beside the front door.

3. If your front door has a  window, drape the window with a beautiful piece of lace or a colorful scarf.

4. If your budget allows, purchase a gorgeous front door. Spotlight that door at night. (Try a surplus and salvage store OR an antique shop dealing in architectural pieces.)

5. Place graduated clay pots filled with brightly colored and fragrant flowers, on the steps leading to your front door.

6. An English ivy topiary, placed on either side of  your front door adds definite grace. These should keep through each season.

7. If your front entry is small, place on pot of flowers next to the door. This softens the entry without taking up to much room. Fill part of the pot with rosemary making the entrance fragrant.

8. Use an easel and chalkboard as a welcome sign. It can double as a message board, menu board, and even a spot to place a holiday greeting.

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