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Grinning with God

May 26, 2009

Four years ago our life changed.

Shivering in a  bland and blah curtained off out-patient cubicle came the shock of my adult life.  Awaiting a “procedure” sure to close the option of any other biological children. The doctor entered as they were about to roll me into the operating room and said; “I’ve got good news and bad, the bad news, we need to cancel your procedure, the good news; you are pregnant.” Yes, me, at 44 3/4 years old; a baby. We had given up hope of another child but God was on His throne; grinning.

We still look at Luke amazed. Amazed at God’s sense of humor, amazed we are the parents, amazed at a new creation. Grateful for a new direction, often curious if we have what it takes to be the parents he needs. Tired.  Never looking at the math equations showing us in our seventies at college graduation. Grinning at what God will do with our little man. Enjoying the blessing.  Blowing bubbles in the wind, swinging high into the sky, dancing in the water hose.

Today, we celebrate Luke. A breath of fresh air in the middle of life.

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