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Stinky Patch

October 12, 2009

Life can really stink sometimes. Not always but recently more often than not it feels like an uphill climb. I keep telling myself when the top of this hill is reached the view will  be spectacular. I’m trying that positive attitude route in hopes it will rub off on me. It feels as though  my mission is to remove “joy” not only from my life but from the life of all those around me. Have you ever been there?

Well meaning folks will offer Sunday School answers:

“God will not give you more than you can handle.”

“This is just a season.”

“Stop looking at your circumstances and live above them.”

Not a thing wrong with these verbal gestures, what else can one say to another under the influence of a stinky patch. My 80  year old Mother has certainly had her share of  situations. She still sports a peaceful smile and a gentle spirit. One of her sterling pieces of advice; “Whenever things get really bad reach out and do something for someone else. You can always find another living a more challenging slice of life. You can always help someone.” My saint mother is awaiting a hip replacement do-over, has Parkinson’s disease, 8 stints in her heart, and a fierce financial burden.  I could add more “issues” causing stink in her world but she still chooses a gentle spirit, a fresh aroma.

Should you find yourself in a similar spot please join me as I pro-actively attempt to improve the fragrance of today. Consider it a fresh spray of hope.

Baby book of Blessings–I carry with me a little notebook, normally used for to-do lists, reminders, and Luke doodles. Today, I list blessings. Like–A roof over our heads, generous and helpful friends and family, a stocked refrigerator, A God bigger than ALL difficulties. Get your book out; list, list and list again. Read it often.

Box of Burdens–Get a cute box (or a shoe box), gather some paper scraps, and a pen. Write your biggest problem on the paper scrap, one problem per scrap. Pray about the problem, fold the paper and place it in the box. Use this as a visual reminder for giving your trouble to God. Once it is in the box let it go. Repeat until you REALLY let it go. (caution, this could take hours.)

Phone a Friend–This is no time for isolation. Isolation make issues grow and grow and grow, suddenly, in your mind, they are bigger than a hot air balloon.  A friend can help you deflate and exhale by simply listening. (caution, do not stay on the whine channel forever.)

Got Stink? Take deliberate steps to improve your state. Let’s purpose to learn our life lessons quickly so we smell better to everyone we influence.

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