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The Value of a Visit

November 2, 2009

It has almost been two weeks since three discs were removed, repaired or in some way “messed with” while I lay sedated in the hands of a skilled surgeon. The surgery went well after it started (we waited in pre-op for three hours), recovery room was okay once they got my oxygen level fixed. Even that night, I sat up had a diet coke and a hunk of orange jello enjoying feelings of relief. Hey I even talked on the phone briefly. Given the fact they moved my voice box, explaining I could be hoarse for weeks, this was good news.

Obviously well into surgery evening I was still “under the influence” of the anesthesiologist intravenous cocktail. As it wore off I was frightened, disappointed and pushing that pain pump like a wild dog running after a jack rabbit. All I had read in the “beware, this could happen to you” paperwork was delivered to me on a silver platter. I just put on my “grin and bear it” attitude and tried hard to focus on the steps to getting better and healthy. Looking hard for a light at the end of this tunnel.

One of the sunbeams of recovery is recovery. I have to sit, let others help me, and rest. In fact, my remote control skills have gotten much improved. The other value added sunbeam has been the good old-fashioned visit. Friends and family coming over to chat. A front porch swing visit without a porch or a swing. A slower pace, nothing but white space on my calendar and our three-year old swept away so I can relax. Sound good? It is almost worth the price of admission. Healing has forced me to stop, to pray fervently, to listen more thoroughly and to hear what God wants to teach me. This pit stop is no surprise to Him, it has annoyed me but it is part of the plan. Never, underestimate the power of time, time given to a friend, time spent helping another in crisis and time for a long and leisurely heart to heart. All guilt free because you are recovering.

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