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Do-over Year!

December 27, 2009

Have you ever had a year worthy of skipping? That sort a sums up 2009 for me. I was stuck on the whine channel; chronic pain, ongoing doctor visits, hoards of pain pills, major surgery, husband’s salary cut, free lance work missed, a toddler and a teen. A mid-life Mom in a menopausal mess. I could go on but who wants to hear it? Plus, I am tired of being stuck. Thus 2010, deemed a do-over year.

The week after Christmas every year is one of my favorite weeks. I reflect on the roses and thorns we experienced in the previous year and purpose yet again to make the next one better. Each new year feels like a blank canvas. A canvas anxious for color, style and life. After last year, I am more than ready to break out the black-eyed pea recipe and eat a bowl full as I write down the hopes and dreams of time yet lived.

My do-over is going to have to happen from the inside out as negative attitudes and “whoa is me” moments have been like a slow leak in a road weary tire. The sad part; I know better! Hung up in “used to be” syndrome has made it hard to even want to be with myself let alone trying to share life with someone else. Enough! It is time to put on my big girl pants and get back into the journey.

Please join me as do-overs need companions. I plan to facebook, tweet and shout from the mountain tops as the do-over unfolds. Prayers to pray, goals to set, a life to rebuild from the inside out. Need a do-over? Let’s encourage each other.

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