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Life Matters………Generational Twister!

August 29, 2012

Life happens quickly. Looking through my lense I have a panoramic view of four generations. Interesting, if you step back and remove yourself from the daily grind of it all. Sad often in the midst; especially watching my Mom. She is and has been a tremendous woman. She has dealt with more challenges than most. Her smile and sparkling blue eyes are still radiant. Her body and mind are failing her. As we rode in  an ambulance (the ambulance had a broken air conditioner this was August 7th in Texas, probably about 102 degrees in the back of that rough ride.) to the nursing facility so many memories rushed through my heart.

Mom singing hymns in her beautiful soprano voice while doing the dishes.

Her off the wall sense of humor.

Her full blown family style dinners after a full day of teaching fifth grade.

Her deep faith and genuine spirit.

Her stamina.

Her warm coconut poundcakes.

Visiting a nursing home comes with so many feelings. Each resident is a story, a novel, as they sit in their wheelchairs waiting out their days. Visiting a nursing home with a six year old and a sixteen year old shows a glimpse of one generation passing the torch to another. Me, in the middle watching it all. A story yet to be lived in the grandchildren, a life well-lived in the grandmother. Bittersweet. My Mom is closer to the time when she will meet Jesus she has been looking forward to this for years. The song in her heart was sung every night while she cleaned the dinner dishes. Blessed Assurance.

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