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Fresh Ideas and Quick Fixes for Every Life and Any Home    Simple Hospitality

Feeling the pressures of being all things to all people? Need a break from being the meticulous housekeeper and volunteer extraordinaire? Simple Hospitality offers you the freedom to be a dedicated wife, doting mother, consummate hostess, crafty genius, and more! Inside, Jane Jarrell reveals the differences between entertaining and hospitality and gives you a toolbox of resources— practical ideas, real-life stories, humorous tips, and creative solutions that can make all your efforts more effective.

 The Frazzled Factor        The Frazzled Factor

According to AFLCIO statistics, seven out of ten working mothers work more than forty hours a week for their employers. But what about the hours spent juggling baseballs, soccer balls, meatballs and cotton balls? Written for the frenetic working mother, authors Karol Ladd and Jane Jarrell introduce seven simple steps designed to take the frazzled mom from feelings of guilt to the freedom of grace. Presented in a concise format with easily-skimmed graphics, encouraging quotes, and revitalizing scriptures, these tips can easily be slipped into daily routines restoring sanity to over-scheduled, chaotic lives.


Secrets of a Mid-Life MomSecrets of a Mid-Life Mom

The Department of Health and Human Services recognizes mid-life motherhood as a certifiable trend in today’s society. According to a recent CDC survey, more than ever before, women ages thirty-five and over are having children. In fact, the average age of first-time mothers has increased 3.5 years since 1970.
A first-time mother in her mid thirties, Jane Jarrell speaks from the heart about the unique experiences of a mid-life mom–all while keeping a vigorous sense of humor. In Secrets of a Mid-Life Mom, she tackles universal issues such as self-esteem, fear of the future, career choices, and spirituality. Using what she calls a “written talk-show format,” Jane encourages moms of all ages to enjoy every challenging minute of motherhood.

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